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About Us


Carmeuse Is a world reference for the production of lime and lime products.


Carmeuse has more than 150 years experience in quarrying and transforming limestone and dolomite into lime and lime products using a number of manufacturing processes.


Lime is crucial for a very large number of applications in our daily lives (steel, construction, agro-food, paper, chemistry, plastics, rugs, paint, wastewater processing, processing of gaseous effluents, ...)..
Carmeuse has 94 Production sites all over Western Europe (Belgium, Italy, France and the Netherlands), Eastern and Central Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Turkey) and in North America (the United States and Canada) as well as Africa (Ghana). 


The Belgian facilities are located in Wallonia, in Liege and Namur Provinces and more particularly in EngisMoha (Wanze), Seilles (Andenne), Aisemont (Fosses-la-Ville) and Frasnes (Couvin).


Our products are fundamental to the manufacturing processes of our clients and Carmeuse undertakes to do its utmost to supply them on time with the agreed quantities and qualities . In addition, Carmeuse manages the logistic chain from its plants to the clients' bins and can also take charge of the use of lime on the clients' site.


Our products include:


- Lime aggregates : all sites
- Limestone lumps with special content  : Frasnes, Engis and Moha
- Crushed lime : Aisemont and Engis
- Lime Filler : Aisemont, Engis and Seilles
- Quick lime : Aisemont and Moha
- Slaked lime : Seilles
- Milk of lime
: Seilles


For deliveries, we ship by any means of transport (road, rail and ship) so we can provide for the best response for every location, be it near our plants or overseas, and we are attentive to using the most environment-friendly solution.



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